The SPS Performance Edge

Using our unique blend of performance psychology and coaching techniques together with traditional vocal coaching we build performers that are ready for the next stage.

  • Develop your own vocal brand



  • Build your stage and audition confidence


  •   Find your creative edge 



  • Be confident with your vocals


  • Discover your process for success




  • Accelerate your progress


 We look at the process of good performance; the practice and the mindset that fosters it and use these to get the best results for our singers.  So that:

Performances are more Reliable


Auditions are easier to do your best at

You can have the skills to perform with freedom


Our singing techniques are drawn from sources that include Estil and Bel Canto methods as well as contemporary and classical vocal techniques from the professionals we’ve worked with in our own careers.  This fusion of vocal technique, performance psychology and coaching gives our singers a leading edge; they’re performance ready technically and mentally.

Performing, whether it’s on stage or in an audition, can be part exciting and part scare-the-pants-off scary.  We’re looking to harness more of the excitement.  When our bodies feel nervous they are designed to react with a very successful fight or flight response fueled by adrenaline.  It’s something humans have been doing for millenia, and it’s deep in our DNA.  How do we get around this entirely human response to performance?  Well, that’s where the rewiring begins and mind set practice comes to the fore.  We’ve built this into our vocal coaching with reflective learning skills and positive mindset hacks.




We tailor our method to each singer and their particular needs.  We also teach our method to singing teachers who are looking to add to their career and personal development and help them to become exceptional teachers.

Meet Some of Our Singers

Raphaela Neame

Working with Diana has given me not only the knowledge, but the confidence to sing songs that I would’ve never considered myself capable of singing before.  What I like about her method of teaching is that she doesn’t force students into a specific way of singing, but rather teaches them the ability to choose how they want to interpret certain melodies, which inevitably leads them to discover their own musical identities.  I am so happy to have found such a great vocal professor, who genuinely believes in her students and helps them forge their musical paths!


Karen Newman

Diana not only teaches you the proper technique, she teaches how to hone your unique style and stay true to it.  She supports you and mentally prepares you for any challenge you may encounter such as auditions or performances, regardless of genre.  She builds performers by way of encouragement.  You can’t ask for anything more.