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Our younger studio singers have a range of goals: some are working on voice exams and competitions, others are working towards auditions, write their own music or just love performing in our studio concerts.  We encourage our singers to learn about how music works and to explore the full expression of their voices.  We have a range of vocal technique exercises tailored to each age range that work on all aspects of singing like vocal range, pitch, diction, breath control etc.  We believe in exploring music fully including ear training, reading sheet music and sight singing.  Our unique coach and performance psychology approach engages our students in a positive self reflective learning style.



Adults / Teens


Our lessons are as unique as the people we work with who are all ages and at every stage of vocal development. We want to help you reach your goals no matter how big or small.  Our philosophy is it’s never too late to develop your voice if there’s a strong desire to sing. We’ve taught singers with diverse music interests and work on making each of them confident singers and performers.  We encourage our singers to explore their range, tone and resonance so that they can be imaginative and creative when singing.  A sound technique gives confidence and from there a singer can perform at their best whether that’s in a choir, on stage or in the shower!


Advanced / Semi-Pro Students 


SPS offers our advanced singers a bespoke service which helps artists polish their singing and performances.  We help you to get the most out of your voice and how you communicate your songs to your audiences and fans so that they are left wanting more.  We offer guidance on audition and gig preparation, creating your vocal brand, developing your stage and video presence, managing performance stress and developing good vocal techniques that allow you to be freely expressive in your performances.  Our singers have competed internationally, performed on TV voice competitions, sung in bands and become singer-songwriters and musical theatre actor/singers. 


FAQ About the Lessons

Generally speaking we’ll ask you about any singing experience you have and why you want to have lessons.  We’ll guide you through some warmups and invite you to sing a song of your choice.  Finally, we’ll then offer our thoughts on where you’re at with your singing/performance skills and give you some suggestions on what we could do to help you meet your goals.

Taster sessions are half an hour.

This depends on where you’re at with your singing and what your goals are.  Generally beginners start with half an hour and more advanced students are 45 mins to an hour or more.

Lessons are tailored to your needs and where you’re at with your vocals.  The number of lessons will vary according to your goals.  This is something we can discuss at your taster session.  Many students take lessons on a weekly basis for several months and years as they gain experience and have fun learning and exploring new music and techniques.

Yes, we can help singers prepare for exams at different exam boards including Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada Conservatory and the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music etc.

Take a look at the biographies and see which teacher appeals to you.  If you’d like more guidance, get in touch and we can find out more about your goals and experience and find you a match.

Get in touch with us for up to date costs and availability.

Like the saying goes ‘practice makes perfect’, in other words effort equals progress.  We recommend short bursts of practice for beginners with a few warm ups followed by song practice. 

We’ll want to hear more details about your performance history, your successes and less successful moments and goals.  To help you make the progress you’re looking for, we will zero in on specific technical aspects to work on, highlighting your strengths and work on a plan to showcase them in your song catalogue.  We’ll encourage you to go just that little bit further and explore your voice and musical ideas fully, being aware of the choices you make along the way to discovering your own vocal style and branding.

Performance psychology looks at the processes which lead to successful performance.  In a similar way to sports psychology, the individual process helps to build a formula for peak performance.  Coaching is a method of self reflection which explores the unspoken rules and limitations we often unknowingly apply to ourselves in performance.  Together they help performers gain confidence in any singing situation.

We offer a unique coach and performance psychology approach which builds confidence, expression and musical freedom.  We use a variety of established vocal techniques to improve your singing no matter the style of music and we care passionately about your progress.