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July Singer’s Boot Camp

This course is perfect for adult singers wanting to discover more about their voice. It’s a ‘boot camp’ for 10 singers and will offer a fun and comprehensive deep dive into what our voices can do with the help of a professional voice coach like me…

How to choose a singing teacher for your child.

Here’s what you need to know: It’s wonderful to see our children showing some musical talent, whether that’s making up songs, singing their hearts out to their favourite tunes or aching to join a musical theatre show.  It can be so heartwarming to see them come…

Unpacking your Performance Anxiety

Raise your hand if you can perform a piece beautifully in the privacy of your own home, but when you stand in front of an audience, what comes out of your mouth makes you feel like you haven’t practiced at all. I remember at my first…

3 Practice Tips for Getting Over Performance Nerves

How to practice in a way that gets you great results, fast. It’s all in the practice and preparation.  It’s about the work you put in before you even get to the stage.  It’s also more than just going through your music over and over again.…


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Welcome to the SPS blogs/vlogs with articles from our teachers and guest writers.  Singers are always coming to us with questions about singing and performing and we pick up on those trends and feature our advice, tips, thoughts and ideas here.  If you’ve got any burning singing or performance questions you’d like answered, get in touch.

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