How to choose a singing teacher for your child.

Here’s what you need to know:

It’s wonderful to see our children showing some musical talent, whether that’s making up songs, singing their hearts out to their favourite tunes or aching to join a musical theatre show.  It can be so heartwarming to see them come alive when they start to sing.  If you’re looking to encourage them with some singing lessons, then it’s good to know what to look for in a teacher. 

Here’s our top 5:

  1. Training – 

You are looking for someone who has had singing training with either a degree in singing or a good deal of experience working professionally.  

  1. Teaching – 

Not every great singer makes a great teacher. What experience do they have working with students and actually teaching singing? 

  1. Track record – 

What successes have their students had with competitions, exams, university voice program entrances, performances, auditions etc?  What do their students and parents say?

  1. Personality – 

Are they a good match?  Do they seem like someone you could get along with?  What are the values displayed in their marketing/websites?  Does that appeal?

  1. Try before you buy – 

Most teachers/singing studios will offer new students a free taster session before you start working in earnest. Try them out, see how they work and get a feel for their style and how good a match it is for your child.

How does Sharp Performance Studio measure up?

  1. Training –

Our teachers are voice graduates.  They’ve all studied voice at university and worked with multiple singing teachers over their careers and hence, have a range of experience to draw upon.  They can alter their lessons to find the right exercise, description or knack to individually help each unique student.

  1. Teaching – 

We all have years of experience working with children, both in the private and voluntary sectors.  Whether that’s been in musical theatre performances, summer camps, city-provided children’s courses, in schools, at children’s festivals, externally provided education programs for children with special abilities or theatre productions and clubs.  Some of our teachers are fully qualified teachers. 

All of our teachers are trained to deliver our own special method of teaching which combines performance psychology and coaching techniques to work on the art of learning and performing.  We encourage positive mindsets and self reflective learning skills.

  1. Track Record – 

Our students have had successes at competitions, university entrances, auditions, singing exams and performances.  Many of our students sing for enjoyment and as an outlet to express themselves without doing exams, competitions and the like, it’s entirely up to the student and what they want to do with gentle encouragement from their teachers.

Check out what our students and their parents say: 

‘I can confidently state that they are exceptional teachers.They set themselves apart from other teachers, as they are not only extremely knowledgeable but also passionate people who truly care about you and your journey’ – Serena G, age 17

‘My daughter has grown in confidence.  We feel fortunate and privileged to be at SPS.’  Yanhui T parent

‘Lessons have really helped me advance my vocal ability. I have seen significant improvement and look forward to my lessons every week.’ Jackson P, age 14

‘Your lessons helped me become a better singer.  I feel so grateful to have you as my singing teacher.”  Claire H, age 11

‘My teenage daughter absolutely loves taking lessons. They really care about her and it’s not just business, it’s strong relationships.  Highly recommend.’  Greg P, parent

  1. Personality – 

Our online biographies at will give you an idea of who we are, but the best way to find out if we’re a good match is to….

  1. Try before you buy –

After you’ve got an idea of who you would like to work with, book a free taster session with one of us.  Not sure who is a good match?  Let us help you, get in touch at